Aura Fragrance Oil No 5 Tuscan Frosted Fig


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Fig scented oil for fireplaces and burners

  • Fuel type Interchangeable
  • Type accessories
  • Rating *****

Our Aura Oil is specially formulated to be in close proximity to the flame and only evaporate, unlike other fragrance oils which will catch fire and burn out instantly.


Most of our wall mounted and freestanding fireplace have a burner with lid where Fragrance Diffuser is already fitted, so using your oils cannot be simpler!


How to use aroma oil with bio fires

  • Use the eye-dropper to place 1-3 drops of desired oil into a Fragrance Diffuser fitted on the lid.
  • The oil will get heated up and release the fragrance.
  • Place your oil on the lid BEFORE igniting the fireplace, so it can heat up with the fuel and the whole of the fireplace. It is designed to be close to flames and has heavilly decreaded flammability, however it may catch fire when placed on already burning (hot) fireplace.
  • Do not put directly into fuel.
  • Do not use any other oils as they ARE HIGHLY FLAMMABLE, you will not get the result.,
  • Note: Aura oil may leave stains on your lid, if you use no accessories and wish to keep your lid clean, please make sure you wash it often.

To use Aura Oil without our dedicated lid, you have to have a rim around your fuel container as the oil will not smell if you put it in the fuel, it will simply burn out. It needs to be placed very close to the flame, so it can get heated up and slowly release the fragrance.


To clean your lid wash in soapy water, scrubbing the remaining oil with a dishwashing sponge. If you find your oil leftovers got left for longer and dried up, you may need to soak the lid for some time and use i.e. a piece of cutlery to scrub the stains.



  • Bottle capacity: 15 ml
  • Eyedropper: included
  • Suggested use: 2-3 drops in each reservoir - put before lighting the fire on a cool lid
  • Compatible with gel fires: yes
  • Compatible with bio ethanol fires: yes
  • Suitable to alternatively dilute in water and use in a regular oil burner: yes

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