White Globe Flame Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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This retro inspired fireplace will lighten up any living space, blending well with different styles. It can be placed in the middle of a room dividing two spaces. The glass panels at the front and on the back add extra reflection and elegance. The fireplace comes in a white glossy finish.

Globe Flame can be easily moved around your living area, with its sculptural design and glowing flame making it a centrepiece to admire. In the warmer months, it is also suitable to be used outdoors but has to be covered or brought inside in case of rain. When lit, the unit should be moved at least 40 cm away from any wall or flammable materials.
It features our standard adjustable 1.3 L stainless steel fuel box (bio burner). The lid includes special Fragrance Diffusers, making the fireplace compatible with our Aura Oils. By sliding the lid across slightly, you can regulate the size of flame (10-25 cm), the heat output (2-3 kW) and the burning time (3-6 h).
•    Fireplace body with double-layer Small Burner
•    Tempered glass panels
•    Engraved sliding lid featuring Fragrance Diffusers for Aura Oils
•    Funnel
•    Control / extinguishing tool
•    User instructions

Not included:
•    Crystal Bio Ethanol Fuel (add your desired amount)
•    Lighter



  • Height 79 cm
  • Width 79 cm
  • Depth 25 cm
  • Fuel type Bio Ethanol
  • Type outdoor
  • Type contemporary
  • Type freestanding
  • Rating *****
  • Dimensions: 79 W, 79 H, 25 D cm
  • Burning time: 3-5 h (depending on the size of the aperture); flame height adjustable
  • Heat output guidance: 2 - 3kW (This is more than electric fires and comparable to most flueless gas fires.)
  • Fuel suitable: Bio Ethanol Fuel (maximum ethanol content: 96%). NOTE: Gel fuel is NOT suitable.






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TUV testing for Bio fireplace

Small Burner used inside this fireplace has been tested by TÜV Rheinland Product Safety and Quality Certification and approved as safe and meeting the requirements and quality standards in 2014.


NEW SAFETY REGULATIONS FOR BIO FIRES - read our article about legal aspects and safety standards currently being developed in Europe.



safety warning about bio ethanol fires



This fire is using liquid ethanol.


The best agents to extinguish ethanol flame in case of accidental spillage are FOAM or CO2, however CO2 only comes in failry large containers. FOAM extinguisher is available in smaller containers and it works by forming a film on the liquid to extinguish the fire. You can purchase one directly from us HERE. To safely extinguish ethanol fire you can also use POWDER extinguisher, however it is going to cover everything you spray it on in a layer of thick sticky powder, permanently damaging the fireplace and surrounding furniture / items. 


how to put out bio fire in case of accident



In case of any doubts with regards to safe using of this Bio Fireplace, please CONTACT US.








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