Luxurious elegance with a magnificent regulating line of fire.

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Phantom Flame in Mirrored Finish

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Contemporary Elegant Mirrored Bio Ethanol Fire


Phantom Flame, part of the Black Label range, is a sleek wall-hung bio ethanol fireplace polished to the highest quality mirrored finish. This luxurious piece will reflect and enhance any room, giving the impression of a brighter, larger living space and absorbing any colour scheme. Its mirrored side panels cleverly create the illusion that the piece floats seamlessly against the wall like a phantom!

It features our new Regulating Bio Container that creates an even longer line of fire. By sliding the lid, you can now regulate the size of the flame, the heat output and the burning time, which varies between 3.5-7 hours per 2 L refill.  The fire is also compatible with our Aura fragrance oils, providing an even more delightful fireplace experience.

The fireplace is 100% heat efficient due to its unique venting system, as all the heat is projected out into the room. The heat output is approximately 3-4 kW, which is greater than with electric fires and comparable to most flueless gas fires.


Phantom Flame is suitable to be used under flat screen TVs as it has a double-layered back and top, insulating the heat even more, so your art work or LCD above it is completely safe.

Fuel box: High grade stainless steel (our Regulating Bio Container)
Body: High quality extra thick polished stainless steel with premium mirrored finish for lasting beauty



  • Fireplace body
  • A secure 2 L stainless steel double-layer burner (Regulating Bio Container)
  • Control tool for easy extinguishing of the fire and preventing the fuel from evaporation when the fire is not in use
  • Engraved sliding lid featuring Fragrance Diffusers for Aura Oils
  • An installation kit (wall plugs and screws)
  • A fitting template for attachment to the wall
  • Funnel
  • User instructions



Bio fireplace company


Phantom Flame in Mirrored Finish is a product by the Bio Fires brand, one of the pioneers within the alcohol fireplaces industry in the UK. Established back in 2002, we have never stopped growing and the healthy balance between creating beautiful designs of fireplaces while taking care of practicality, safety and affordability is what lays at heart of our brand. We never compromise on style; our mission is to deliver a fireplace experience. A solution for many people who have been dreaming of a cosy warmth of a real flame fireplaces but have no working chimney. Our aim is to help you create the heart of your home, a space where family gathers and where closeness is the highest value.


All of this and much more is ultimately expressed by an elegant and luxurious design of our Phantom Flame. It is an ultra modern and transparent form, adding to the delicate and luxury flow of energy and light in any interior.


Note: If your wall is not fireproof you must line it with a layer of metal or fireproof cement and optional fireproof paint or similar fireproofing material.





  • Height cm
  • Height 66 cm
  • Width 100 cm
  • Fuel type Bio Ethanol
  • Type contemporary
  • Type wall-hanging
  • Rating *****
  • Dimensions: 100 W, 66 H, 16 D cm; recess size: 74 W x 43.5 H x 17.5 D
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Burning time: 3.5-7 h (depending on the size of the opening); flame height adjustable
  • Heat output guidance: 3-4 kW (This is more than electric fires and comparable to most flueless gas fires.)
  • Fuel suitable: Bio Ethanol Fuel (maximum ethanol content: 96%). NOTE: Gel fuel is NOT suitable.






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