Bioethanol fireplace: A real fire without a chimney, gas, or fumes

Discover the beauty of a real flame in an environmentally-friendly way. 

Our pieces are created exclusively by our own in-house design team. They provide warmth, ambiance and are not limited by a lack of a working chimney or flue.

BioFires specialises in bioethanol fireplaces, stoves and grates.

The brand was born back in 2002 as one of the pioneers within the bioethanol fireplace industry in the UK.

Since then we have never stopped growing whilst maintaining a balance between style, practicality and safety, summing up the ethos that lays at the heart of our company.

A contemporary and greener option to conventional fireplaces are bioethanol fireplaces. 

The power of bioethanol, a clean and renewable fuel made from organic sources like corn, sugarcane, or wheat, is utilised by these cutting-edge heating techniques.

These fireplaces are adaptable and simple to install in any living space because they don’t require chimneys or flues, unlike wood-burning fireplaces. They may be placed anywhere and easily blend in with your home’s decor because to their freestanding or wall-mounted design. For both households and commercial settings, it is a hassle-free solution as they need very little construction.

BioFires specialises in bioethanol fireplaces, stoves and grates.

Let us help you to create a stunning focal point that will become the heart of your home.

The ease and effectiveness of bioethanol fireplaces is what makes them appealing. Simply, they don’t require preheating or waiting for wood to catch fire; they just offer heat instantly. You have complete control over the heat output and ambiance with adjustable flames, resulting in a warm and appealing environment for relaxing or social gatherings.

Most importantly, bioethanol fuel burns cleanly, without the emission of dangerous smoke, ash, or embers, making it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor situations.

Moreover, bioethanol fireplaces provide a sense of contemporary elegance to any environment and can match modern or classic aesthetics, coming in a range of sleek shapes and finishes.

People who care about the environment will value the sustainability of bioethanol fireplaces. Because it is made from renewable resources and burns cleanly, bioethanol fuel has a little effect on the environment and its carbon emissions.

Discover the comfort, practicality, and elegance of bioethanol fireplaces. Upgrade your living area with an energy-efficient heating option that fuses practicality with modern style. Learn about the limitless possibilities of bioethanol fireplaces and make your house warm and welcoming.

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