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We are commited to delivering the best service and our experienced members of staff are always here to help you find the best product for your interior design project. We will make every effort to accomodate all your needs, answer all your questions and provide you with any relevant materials or details we may have.


However, please note that we are fireplace retailers, and - apart from high-end projects featuring Planika's fireplaces - we do not have an in-house technical team that would be able to clarify and confirm detailed specifications and requirements. We are also not qualified to approve projects and any formal restrictions with regard to the safety clearances or materials used in your architectural project. You may need to seek approval from your local building regulation body. 


Nevertheless, we can and gladly will offer our detailed advice - based on years of experience.


We will always encourage you to consult an engineer or a local authority if any part of your project raises any doubts when specifying bio ethanol fireplace.


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