Real flame in a concrete coffee table giving an elegant and contemporary look to any indoor or outdoor space.

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Bespoke Polished Concrete Bioethanol Fire Coffee Table

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Stunning concrete coffee table with real flame


Bespoke Polished Concrete Biofire Coffee Table has a simple elegant form, featuring a line of fire that gives warmth and ambience to either an indoor or outdoor space. Equipped with our Ribbon Flame Bio Container Medium and flanked on both sides with toughened safety glass panels, this piece is uniquely hand-crafted and allows you to enjoy real flame without the hassle of installation or smoke.


This product would be ideal as a central feature in any room or a stunning outdoor conversation piece on a roof terrace or garden. It can be created in any coloured concrete (see pictures) or dimensions you require, including one-off bespoke pieces. The fuel burner will hold 1 L of bioethanol fuel and will burn for up to 4 hours.


Every Polished Concrete Bioethanol Fire Coffee Table is made-to-order and individually crafted with a mould made from scratch in order to ensure the highest quality possible. The concrete ingredients are specially cast in several layers. After the curing stage de-moulding occurs to expose the sand grains while other parts are processed by hand. A specialised groustis applied and the surface is processed again the next day. Once the piece is dry and fully cleaned a high quality weather-resistant sealer is applied in multiple applications.


Fuel box: High grade stainless steel (our Medium Bio Container)
Body: High quality concrete in black finish with variegated sand grains, toughened safety glass panels, solid oak feet


Main features:

  • Finishes: black, natural grey or white offered at no extra costs
  • Unique - every piece is different and handmade to order
  • Custom - each piece can be customised in many ways for example with inlays, aggregate, or different colours
  • Quality - concrete is measured to the gram using one of the best proprietary GFRC mix designs
  • Practical - the sealer is cutting edge, extremely stain resistant and low maintenance.
  • One-year warranty


If used outside, the coffee table should be covered in bad weather conditions and over extended periods of time. The cover can be made to order separately (priced on request).


Any bespoke or extra customisation such as using inlays or colour matching is priced case by case.

Please note: Our concrete biofires are handmade and hand finished. Since concrete is a heterogeneous mixture of many different ingredients, it exhibits variations that cannot be easily seen in a photograph. Therefore, subtle variations in colour, shade, texture and overall appearance should be expected. Concrete exhibits natural beauty rather than plastic perfection.


  • Height cm
  • Fuel type Bio Ethanol
  • Type freestanding
  • Type outdoor
  • Type linear fires
  • Type contemporary
  • Rating *****
  • Dimensions: 110 cm L, 70 cm W, H 30 cm, recess dimensions: 20 cm
  • Colour: Galaxy Black
  • Edge: Eased edge
  • Feet: Solid Hardwood (Sapele) raised slightly
  • Glass: 6mm Toughened Safety Glass with 6mm rounded corners
  • Fittings: Chromed brass - either round or square only
  • Burning time: up to 4 hours per refill
  • One refill takes: 1L (medium container) of Bio Ethanol fuel
  • Heat output: 3kW or slightly above
  • Flue needed: no
  • Ventilation needed: window in the room
  • Fumes, smoke or carbon (blackening effect) produced: none (if flame is not obstructed)
  • Weight: approx. 75 kg




This product is only available on an individual order basis.

Lead time is 4-6 weeks and we would require full payment in advance before processing the order.

This product will be delivered on a pallet, for more information, please call 020 7724 1919 or email.


For bespoke units the lead time will vary, please contact us for a quote.




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