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NEW - GaLiO Outdoor GAS* Linear Fireplace by PLANIKA

  • Galio Gas Insert
  • Galio Gas Corten (freestanding)
  • Galio Gas Insert Remote Control
  • Galio Gas Corten Remote Control

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freestanding outdoor gas fireplace by Planika

*Please note that this fireplace runs on NATURAL GAS/LPG and not on bioethanol fuel.


The newest addition to our Black Label range, Planika’s GaLiO is a state-of-the-art outdoor ribbon gas fireplace that requires no flue and provides a perfect solution for customers, interior designers and architects looking to add an impressive focal point in exterior living spaces and commercial areas.

Made of weather resistant materials, GaLiO is guaranteed to bring warmth and a magical ambience to outside areas throughout the year. This flueless gas fireplace with black diamond stones, safety sensors and the additional option of a remote control is available in two models depending on requirements:

 1. Galio Gas Insert – built-in fireplace

Galio Gas Insert allows you to adjust the product to your individual design. The standard stainless steel unit is one metre long and can be integrated into hole-in-the-wall, double-sided or freestanding designs. To create an endless line of fire, several inserts can be joined together as bespoke options offer the length from 800 mm up to 2500 mm per one module.

The fireplace can also be designed as a corner shape or a curved line of fire without the necessity of joining several modules together. The specially designed burner of Galio Corner will provide a stunning uninterrupted line of fire.


2. Galio Gas Corten – freestanding solution

Galio Gas Corten comes in a corten steel casing with toughened glass panels included. In contrast to Galio Gas Insert, it requires no construction work as the gas fireplace can be simply placed outdoors wherever you wish. The length of the fireplace can be made bespoke up to 2.5 m in one piece, thus creating your dream long line of fire. A corten steel case for the LPG bottle can be provided for an additional charge.


Main features:

  • Easy installation
  • LPG/natural gas powered
  • Smooth flame height regulation
  • Start/stop control panel
  • No electrical connections required
  • Black diamond stones included
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Optional remote control for an additional charge
  • Resistant to weather conditions
  • Safety sensors
  • CE certified components



Please note: the fireplace should be covered with a protective cover when not in use to protect it from dirt and the elements (protective cover for Galio Corten available at an additional cost).






It started with a simple bonfire in the heart of the Australian continent, under the red Ayers Rock. Two hikers, Jarosław Dąbrowski, a qualified engineer from Europe, and Alfred Weilandt, a businessman from Australia, were sitting by the fire, long into the night, listening to Aboriginal tales. The atmosphere created by the flames inspired the two to find an easy way to have the same fire in contemporary interiors. The idea of creating strong bonds between the ancient beliefs in the energy of fire and the rising demands of the modern world lead them to the process of creation.


With the appropriate amount of time spent on design and carefully selected materials, manufactured in Europe, Planika Fires have already succeeded in more than 60 countries all over the world.


Today, Planika sell their products worldwide and have more and more appreciation among clients of private and public sector, as well as architects. We have subsidiaries in the USA, as well as in the United Arab Emirates. The design process of our bio fireplaces takes place in the Planika Studio where excellent conditions for young designers are provided. By using the most advanced equipment we can guarantee the reliability and durability of Planika’s products, since each product is carefully tested before being sold.


By promoting cooperation between technology and business, the company has gained the position of the world's leader in the production and distribution of bio fireplaces, suitable for both commercial and residential areas. Planika provides people with the primeval element of fire dressed in the highest quality design.




  • Fuel type Gas
  • Type freestanding
  • Type linear fires
  • Type contemporary
  • Type outdoor
  • Type inserts & fuelboxes
  • Rating *****
  • Galio Gas Insert dimensions (W x H x D) : 1027 mm x 160 mm x 230 mm
  • Galio Gas Corten dimensions (W x H x D) : 1140 mm x 500 mm x 350 mm
  • Heat output net: min.:7 kW;max.: 12 kW/min.: 23202; max.: 40263 BTU
  • Net weight: 21 kg
  • Gas pressure: 37 mbar / 15 w.c.
  • Gas rate: min.: 0.5 kg/h; max.: 0.9 kg/h
  • Suitable gas: LPG or natural gas



  • no heat-sensitive objects should be placed above the fireplace
  • when the fireplace is on, it must not be exposed to rain
  • Galio Gas Insert: a ventilation grid or slot with a ventilation area of 150cm2 must be installed at the base of the housing
  • installation of a glass screen is mandatory in hole-in-the-wall settings; if the Galio Gas Insert is integrated into a double-sided, freestanding or three-sided designs, two glass screens are recommended, while using only one glass screen is forbidden



Dimensions for Planika's Galio Gas Insert

 Planika's Galio Insert outdoor gas fireplace


 Planika's Galio Gas Corten measurements

safety distances - Planika's Galio Corten gas fireplace

This is a 'special order' product and is only available on an individual order basis.

The lead time is 4-5 weeks and we would require full payment in advance before processing the order. Please note that Planika will be closed in the first two weeks of August 2017, which will prolong all lead times.

This product will be delivered on a pallet, for more information, please call 020 7724 1919 or email.



Please note that the regulating knob in the first video has now been upgraded to a fast start button.

Galio Gas Corten with remote control:



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